Vivum sampling kit

QM Diagnostics offers the Vivum sampling kit for taking samples for health monitoring testing. Vivum means ‘keeping alive’ in Latin, so it is not necessary to send live animals. With just one kit, you have everything you need to collect all required diagnostic samples; the easy-to-use Microtainer or Dry Blood Spot (DBS) to take blood samples, as well as bacterial swabs, tapes to detect ectoparasites and tubes for gathering faeces for bacterial culture, Helicobacter testing, pinworm PCR and protozoa panel PCR. This way, the Vivum sampling kit provides the best combination of samples for testing an almost complete FELASA panel. Read more

Below mentioned profiles are available for the Vivum sampling kit:

Circulum kit profiles

More information to come soon.

In case you need kits, simply send an e-mail to to order them and we will make sure you receive them as soon as possible.