Vivum sampling kit

QM Diagnostics offers the Vivum sampling kit for taking samples for health monitoring testing. Vivum means ‘keeping alive’ in Latin, so it is not necessary to send live animals as we follow the 3R method. Our latest vivum kit is a fine example of this. As you know the kit can be used individually or as a pool and it is easy to use. Because of that the way of sampling is less stressful for the animals. You can use the kit in normal health monitoring procedures, you can also easily use it in your import and/or quarantine procedures. Sampling is now less time consuming opposite to sentinels. With just one kit, you have everything you need to collect all required diagnostic samples, both for culture and PCR profiles. Our Vivum sampling kit provides the best combination of samples for testing a complete FELASA panel.

Below mentioned profiles are available for the Vivum sampling kit:

  • Vivum mouse superior (immune competent); Culture
  • Vivum mouse (immune deficient); Culture
  • Vivum rat superior (immune competent); Culture
  • Vivum rat (immune deficient); Culture
  • Vivum rabbit; Culture
  • Vivum mouse superior (immune competent); PCR
  • Vivum mouse (immune deficient); PCR
  • Vivum rat superior (immune competent); PCR
  • Vivum rat (immune deficient); PCR
  • Vivum rabbit; PCR

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Circulum kit

QM Diagnostics is the first laboratory in Europe that, with its own R&D department, developed a health monitoring program for the identification of pathogens in Zebrafish, Medaka and Killifish. Our way of screening profiles, put together with our customers, cover a broad range of bacteria and parasites. We take health monitoring very seriously and therefore we also defined specific transport instructions.

Circulum sampling kit

We defined our Circulum sampling kit together with our customers. QM Diagnostics’ Circulum sampling kit is an extra tool for rapid and reliable analysis of a complete aquatic system with the minimal effort of sample collection. Testing with this kit provides you a complete overview of the aquatic system. QM Diagnostics is happy to analyze your samples at an appropiate price. If you do so, the sampling kit is for free.

Circulum profiles

The standard analysis of the Circulum profile consist of high sensitive, high specific and fast qPCR and chemical assays which are all validated. Our standard Circulum profile includes all the pathogens which are most relevant for fish facilities.


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