Were we add value:

Knowledge center in Lab animal diagnostics

As an independent organization with a scientific origin dating back to the seventies and as one of the designated members of the Animal Quality Network by ICLAS
(International Council of Laboratory Animal Science) we deliver as such a positive contribution to the quality of research at universities, Research Institutions and the pharmaceutical industry.

“Cutting edge” diagnostic lab technology

With 45 years of experience in Health Monitoring and the development of our own tests at our own R&D department, we use the most advanced and validated tests.

Animal welfare

By using the VIVUM Sampling kit animal lives will be spared, resulting in an increase of animal welfare.

Higher Infection Detection Level, lower risks

Due to the higher sample size made possible by using the VIVUM Sampling kit you will get a higher Infection Detection Level, thereby lowering the risk of entering contaminated animals into research areas.

Full spectrum consultancy

Our Customer Service Centre, dedicated sales team and Account Managers, our Scientific board together with an independent veterinarian can answer any HM related question.

Complete Health Monitoring Service

We offer a complete service from pickup of the animals and/or the samples to the result. All disposables like the VIVUM Sampling kit or the QM Transport cages are at your disposal and available in the QMLIMS platform. Client specific profiles can be made up and client
specific requests such as proactive communication in case of positive findings can be arranged for you.

Facility scan

With an Facility Scan we map the construction and layout of a test animal facility and determine by zone, by species, by type of housing which Health Monitoring is required to obtain an adequate Infection Detection Level.

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