Scand-LAS 2018

26 - 28 April

Come meet us at Scand-LAS 2018

QM Diagnostics is eager to update you on our latest developements regarding health monitoring at Scand-LAS 2018. This time it will take place in Kristiansand, Norway. The 48th Annual Scand-LAS Meeting and Educational Days will take place from 26 through 28 April 2018.

Technical Trade Presentation

On April 27th at 17.00 Martin Toft, DVM, will update you on “Result-interpretation of IVC debris testing”. Why? The introduction of environmental debris testing in individually ventilated caging (IVC) systems over the past couple of years, has enabled facility managers to monitor the health of all cages easily, cost effectively and without sacrificing animals. But introduction of new approaches also means new approaches to interpretation when positive results come back from the lab. Martin will take you with him on this journey.

Not able to join? No worries, you can attend our webinar on this subject instead!

The QM Team is looking forward meeting you at Scand-LAS 2018!


Clarion Hotel Ernst, Rådhusgata, Kristiansand, Norway